Clock My Time's Features

Yahoo clock my time logger widget

This is an easy Client or Project time recording system that can record your time and any number of your fellow colleagues.

You can just add a new timesheet entry or using the ClockMyTime widget to Start a Clock timer. When you have completed the task just Stop the ClockMyTime timer and you can adjust the time and add a comment to be recorded.

Time Recording can be done

  • Windows Desktop Gadget
  • MAC - Using ClockMyTime - Timer Widget
  • iPhone - Using ClockMyTime - Timer Widget
  • Andriod Phone - Using ClockMyTime - Timer Widget
  • Andriod Tablet - Using ClockMyTime - Timer Widget
  • iPad - Using ClockMyTime - Timer Widget


  • Use the Windows Gadgets Engine to start and stop your tasks from your Windows Desktop
  • Or add a entry, for easy access from anywhere in the world and  from any PC or Mobile device.
  • Your Team Members can add entries to time tracking!
  • Great reporting functions on a daily, weekly or monthly period.
  • No Database or server installation as it's all done by us at Clock My Time.
  • Easy to use Website to add your Client's projects and Activity tasks for Client bill.
  • Sets your Charge Out Rate (on ‘My Profile page) to enable Client's total invoice amount to be included on the bill.
  • You can trial it today without any obligation.



  • Register for the 1 month trial membership to enable you to use the system first. No Credit Card payment is requested.
  • Download our great desktop Yahoo Widget or Vista Gadget to enable you to easily add your times from your PC or access the site from your phone to add a desktop icon for quick access.


The full membership entitles 1 users to use the Clock My Time system for 12 months. If more than 1 users are needed, then additional membership packages can be purchased to increase the number of users as required.

  • You can run your reports at any time.
  • You can output accounts easily using our system.
  • Start today and register.
  • Full yearly memberships for only $US30 per multiple of 1 users.
  • All payments are done through the secure Paypal payment system.

Get Started Now

Step 1: Install your windows Gadget Engine and ClockMyTime Gadget
Click here to download the Gadget .

Step 2: Register
Fill out the initial form that pops up when you click on the widget or gadget or Iphone for the first time.

Step 3: Start your task
You can start and stop your tasks. When you stop your time clock, the time spent on that project and activity will be instantly recorded into ClockMyTime Time Tracking Software data base.

Step 4: Bill your Client
View your time sheet reports on the 'myreports' page. You can also add your charge out rates for easy tracking of your billing amount total.

Extra Steps

Create additional Projects or Activities
Click on ‘My Profile’ to visit your Profile page. In the field ‘Projects’ add your new project/ job task/ client etc… then in the ‘Activities’ field, create the specific activities within your new project, eg ‘design concept’ ‘data input’ ‘client meeting’ etc… If the activity already exists from your previous use, then you don’t need to add it again.


Adjust any time or add additional time periods

You can do this directly from the website on the 'MyTime' page. This enable you to edit, add, hide or delete any time periods.